using vmt to create a matte texture... im a noob

hello everyone, im not sure if there is already a thread about this, im sorry if there is i couldnt find one… anyways im creating a few skins for a few cars in gmod and i would like to make them look matte, but even tho i made the color matte in its still shinny when i load it in gmod… i am a total noob and i found a vmt code on the internet and just copied it… can some pls try to explain to me in detail how to make it look matte, not just u need to use envmap or somthing like that… help is much appreciated

Delete the phong settings, that should work for a brute force solution.

Matte cars frequently still have shine to them, it’s just a broad and dull shine. A moderate to low phong boost and low exponent should do it.