Using weapons on a ded. server?

Me or my friend can’t spawn weapons or use them we spawn them in DarkRP. How do I change that?

RP has so many bugs, try a diffrent version.

Have you set yourself up to be an admin and also, what (if any) admin mod/s are you using?

Yes, I set myself as admin using NewAdmin (1.1 I think?) and ASSMod 2.3.

*For NewAdmin I need to type commands, but whenever I type “!insertcommandhere” it always adds a “.” so I can’t use the actual commands…

For people who can’t pick up guns in DarkRP, it’s called GUN LICENSES, read the changelog
steam updating the server, might work. But I dont think so.

credit - Killer_Steel

New Admin. I used it and it didn’t allow ANY custom weapons. So delete that and get ULX instead.