Using Workshop Content in Gamemode

What are the “rules” of using other people’s stuff, for example, to use in a game mode? Last I heard, weapons, maps, and models (etc) are all property of Garry’s Mod, AKA part of the “community”, and therefore can be used by anyone so long as it’s not edited or something. On the same level, it’s common sense to secure permission to use things that are not yours. In some cases, it can be a violation of copyright law. I intend to always get permission to use things such as for my new coming game mode, but there are some content creators that never respond or are now inactive. If I was to rip the workshop, and add their models to my gamemode with full credits and a link to the workshop, would I technically be doing anything wrong?

Just a generalized question… I can’t find copyrights or any details on this at all, so I would assume it all becomes “community” property in the sense of sharing/distributing.

I personally would only do such in the case a content creator is unreachable or inactive.

I do believe the owner still owns the intellectual rights and the copyright. They only give Valve the rights to distribute, edit, generate thumbnails (ect…) of the content. “Contributions users may be able to interact with, download or purchase the Workshop Contribution.” and my bet is Valve are protective and want the work to stay on the workshop.

  • If you’re talking about using their addon on your private server:
    It doesn’t seem like you got any rights to distribute the content, but you might find more rights/info on the creators github.
    Just add the addon(s) to the server or contact the creator. Addons run before gamemodes so you wouldn’t need to rip anything.

  • If you’re talking about uploading the gamemode to workshop with their models: (Oh boy)
    It states in steams ToS at 6 D that you need to OWN the Intellectual Property rights for the content you are uploading, so you need to be the original author.

So you can’t upload other peoples content to your own gamemode. No matter how much credit, link or “exposure” you give.

There are also more rules here:

Contact the creator of the addon, mark the addon(s) as a requirement (Note that the Gmod-rules state that it should still work without) or try to make the models yourself.

On a sidenote … here is how to check if a model is valid and choose a second option.

if util.IsValidModel("models/awesomeaddon/potato.mdl") then

AFAIK, Steam workshop rules do not prohibit re-uploading or editting of uploaded addons, but I think Gmod does prohibit some of that.

Definitely appreciate that suggestion at the end. That might be what I do - Require the add on in the game mode and then replace it with a doll or something if it’s not found.

Thanks for the great information.

Do not reupload addons - Reuploaded addons will be taken down. Search workshop before uploading. Reuploading workshop addons is strictly forbidden, whatever the reupload reason is. (Even if the original workshop addon was removed)

That’s on the Garry’s Mod Wiki so you’re right that it’s prohibited, if someone else can point in the Steam rules that’d be useful.

See Section 6 of the SSA for more info on Steam rules: D.
… you represent and warrant that the Workshop Contribution was originally created by you (or, with respect to a Workshop Contribution to which others contributed besides you, by you and the other contributors, and in such case that you have the right to submit such Workshop Contribution on behalf of those other contributors).

Cross your fingers that Robotboy finds and removes the content before Valve does. They might terminate your account otherwise.

Its simple, don’t be an ass, don’t copy others stuff and ask/find the permission to use others content, as the creator might have placed another copyright on their github. (P.S. If you asked the creator; take a screenshot or have some proof that the creator granted permission.)

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