Usless EAC useless VAC useless admins...

fuck you all. FU EAC. why cheaters playing so much time we report them 10-20-100times and they are playing 100-200-300-400hour and no ban go fuck urself fuckin eac admins useless shit as i said make this game with sms registration or mb ITS U FUCKERS WHO MAKE CHEATS SELL CHEATS BAN CHEATERS SELL NEW Rust copy and repeat…go FUCK URSELF WITH UR BAN WAVES. CHEATERS JUMP on 18 floor and only kick no ban? cheaters runing wtih aim mass kill and no bans? go die in hell, FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

(User was permabanned for this post ("Rude/dumb thread" - postal))

r u o k


A mans journey into madness.

I still can’t believe people get this worked up because an Anti Cheat has to make sure actual cheating has taken place. Especially since if it gets detected too quickly it gets updated quicker. Imagine what kind of frothing lunatic the OP and others like them would be if they got their way and Rust used E-Gestapo Anti Cheat, only for themselves to be banned because a lag spike was picked up as a cheat.

Useless EAC Useless VAC Useless Player

I’m guessing he’s playing on an official server with that much, enraged salt. Most community and privately owned servers modded or not with a good list of active diligent admins snuff hackers themselves without waiting for the anti-cheat.

I had a rock base exploiters 2 wipe cycles ago on my modded server and these players were dumb as dirt. I was vanished inside their base. Server rules state any player caught in violation of any rules loses all gear in their base before their ban. I looted the glitched base and said in chat. ‘That’s odd I’m by the nuke plant and hear furnaces but no base nearby.’ Sure enough one of the nimrods tp’s home into the base only to get a bullet to the head and a Ban hammer. Funny enough two bases down the SE Asian player (guessing Korean) have a 1x2 and a cupboard hidden away in the rock his base was pressed against.

@op if you wanna make this game SMS registration then you can buy me a damn mobile phone so i cant activate it.

i can’t believe you have 17 posts here; with this kind of attitude, i would have expected a perma long before now…

what the fuck is wrong with you? it’s a game, calm down.

Postal likes to keep these guys around for as long as they make entertaining posts like those :v:

C’mon and countercheat, buddy.

XD no no no don’t in courage him XD

This month is pretty bad with pay to hackers. I’m on salt lake and it’s out of out of control.
My friends just stopped playing

If you rage like that, ever thought you were the reason why they left?

Well I hate to say it but I have felt pretty similar times …but self restraint and self-control is the key lol

he does good

Wusper you saw what they said in devblog 101, if you have any problems with EAC or VAC go and tell Garry directly, he will be there. Quote of where u find him “San Francisco next week at GDC”

i buy rust on g2a,intall rust,and i go in server i have always eac disconect!!
what i must do?? pls help!!

Start it from Steam’s library and not the .exe file.

I can’t even do that lol. I can chose between Rust and DX9 and steam says it’s starting, then immediately synchronizing (as when you leave a game in steam) and that’s it. Into the game is only possible with startting the file as admin but then eac will do nothing.