USMC deploying to a desert

pic music:

Felt like posing again, and this is what i whipped up in a hurry. Awesome pic music included. I might make a better version later.

EDIT: Oh, and sorry for no DoF, it made the ropes magically disappear so i couldnt use it.

Filter rape

Posing is good.

Really like it, great posing… But a little filter rape.

Never use sharpen… ever…

Wrong. However if you’re gonna use sharpen, have a damn good reason to use it!

too motherfucking sharp

even more sharp than HD sports.

Put both your Sharpen meters on 0.5 or lower.

Never use in-game sharpen.


Then why did Garry added that.

Why did the creators of Photoshop add the artistic filters?

Because they can. Seriously just because it’s there doesn’t mean that you have to use it!

I know I was being rhetorical by answering his question with a question

A question that isnt answerable

Sometimes sharpen can make things look good, but most of the time it doest

you’re just jealous because these pictures look real


Or he has really bad eyesight.

i would say great posing…and yeah probably a troll

Great posing, but the picture itself looks like it has terrible textures very low graphic setting.

Dude what the fuck???