USMC moving into an entrenchment on a hill[scenebuild]

meh I can be arsed a bit since I got rid of most of my sweps so here we go



those aren’t United States Marine Corps!

what yes they are Tc-2000 MICH. MARPAT camouflage it’s all there

Posing is good… just its very boring.

You can see the ground on some parts and that helicopter looks jagged as hell.

Looks nice

How many of my threads have I said my system specs? AND HOW HARD IT IS TO SCREENSHOT

I don’t read many of your threads so I don’t know your specs, and the second part makes no fucking sense.

[sp]system specs bad=LOW framerate[/sp]

You really need to work on your camouflage resolution. The pattern is way too big on those, it is hard to tell it is even marpat.

I didn’t make the texture.

Nice. I like it, despite the ugly skybox.

Original is better really. Contrast and lighting is odd in the edit.