USMC rifleman lowering his gun

I love this bridge too much.

I think this music fits very well I suggest you listen to it to set the mood

Version with with DoF and snow

Version with only DoF

No DoF or snow


C&C please
and keep in mind I can’t turn my graphics up any further.

looks good

there could be abit more snow, maybe some curve work… dunno

I like the “snow and DoF” edit the best.

Nice picture, like i said on steam.

Let me try that.

This looks errily familiar…
I love this bridge.
Also I did curves like resistance told me to.

Same angle, same snow…I’ll give you an agreement.

Looks good.

“This bridge…”

The image looks great, but the left hand isn’t close enough to the rifle or am i wrong?

I’m not sure this is my second pose in 2 weeks

A USMC rifleman? Should have an M16A4.



Because that’s their rifle.
… also they don’t wear digital urban camo and olive-drab gear

but whatever.
Posing and snow is nice.

Next time i edit a picture for you and you want it in the thread, tell me beforehand.

Pretending is fun, huh?

No. I lost my imagination at age 4. Ever since then I have sat at home and trawled through military history text-books looking for inaccuracies.

you sir…

You should also mention that there is a tiny flaw in the thread line:
“USMC Rifleman” ?
That sounds like there is difference in the Corp’s occupations. Like, there are Riflemens and there some not.
In reality though, EVERY Marine is a Rifleman, no matter where he finally ends up in the Marine Corps.

Besides this, i also agree with Chesty about gear, camouflage, weapon. The whole combination is total Fiction.
Don’t even get me started about the picture in general.
You know, I’m not into that generic stuff anymore. :wink: