USMC Sniper Team in Desert.


Reminded me of The Hurt Locker.

The arms are a little messed up on the guys, smoothed it out

because its 2 dudes sniping in a desert? sorry… you make no sense.

Good posing, nice editing (with the exeption of some things like the arms)

cool! :smiley:

if you had seen the movie the hurt locker, you’d know what he’s talking about.

capri-sun in a shoot out


Is that rifle in-game or did you edit it in? It loosk exactly like that one rifle from Shooter.

There’s a weird outline on the left soldier.

Left guy is chillin.

There’s always a time for capri-sun

This looks good

fuck i want some capri-sun now.


Looks pretty good!

There wouldn’t be 2 snipers only a sniper and a spotter which would have a M16a4 or M4a1

Looks great! Really good posing, shame about the sleeves though but it’s tough to avoid.

the posing itself is good, but the full pose is unrealistic.

Fuck yeah… It’s been a while since I had some capri-sun

Very well done, the arms could use a little work but hey, your WAY better than me at this.

capri-sun while playing CS:S, fuck yeah

The left guy’s left arm is stretched out weird.

Its the hurt Locker all over again

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