USMC Sniper Team.


HOLY SHIT GHILLES (damn need to kill more)

Good posing

Looks great

To awesome man, to awesome.

Singleplayer models?

Looks really nice man! x1 artistic for you!

Yeah 1 artistic!
This is great!

No, Multiplayer models…

:slight_smile: Do you have the spetsnaz multiplayer models?
I want that ghillie and shotgun guy.


I thought those models were impossible to get

Spetznaz multiplayer models were already uploaded by superfrog :slight_smile:

and… what is shotgun guy?

The guy in blue camo with a gasmask on


He didn’t port the multiplayer models, only 2 of them.
The SMG guy and the rifleman, the rest were hacks from single player. NIce pic though.
maybe we do have enough…

Enough for abit of running over ghilles and shooting, stabbing whatever at them

(Also Minivan comes right behind.)

Nice, and I just watched Shooter yesterday.

Yeah that movie was awesome

'Specially when he burys that knife into that guard’s throat. I laughed in the theater.

awesome dude
artistic +1

Can I ask where you got the models?

Search in models / skins - Release