USMC Soldier Bayonets a Japanese Officer.


The model has no faceposing, so he is in deep consentration about his death.
And the Nambu and Trench gun are’nt from Waw.
Fun Fact: The Bayonet is the AK47 one from Insurgency.
Also 2nd time doing blood.

Blood is pretty good, especially for a second try.
Posing is great as usual.

Nice work.

That’s gonna hurt tomorrow

I rather blast his head with the trenchgun than just cutting him.

Good pose, and where is the link to those models?

Nice. ^Those models will not be released for a long time.

i herd gangstrs get shankd
i ges da japenis was a gagstr


also what j said

USMC has Marines, not Soldiers. The Army has Soldiers.

We are all better off for knowing that. Thanks.

Should be the other way around.

no fuck that america usa yeah fuck

It’s the truth, that’s all.

“Well, I’ve just been stabbed in the neck. What were the choices that I have made in my life to lead to this career path? Did I leave the water running when I left the house?” :v:


I love the pose, good job man!

Go America!

Argblurg curel man

I’m pretty sure that’s a german pistol. And why is he wearing a gas mask?

  1. Nope, you may be getting confused with the Luger, however that pistol is the Nambu 14.

2.Because they look badass to me.

not to mention if your getting stabbed, sometimes your mind might not react in time to make your face knot up in pain.

cool you got them 'cos your the model tester for the WaW models? :stuck_out_tongue: