USMC's get captured alive, and a horrible scene ensues

Really not my 1st edit or anything, but this is probably the best I’ve managed to pull off so far.
I really like the pic more than the edit though, I think I pulled off an interesting angle.

C&C Would be Appreciated, particularly on the editing. :smiley: Thanks.

The blood from the soldiers head should be a little darker I think.
Also the terrorists wounds blood would go in a more straight line and be a little darker too.
I guess the posing is ok but one of the soldiers near the wall is chilling out :slight_smile:
The muzzleflash should probably be a little brighter and whiter in the middle.
Also the it could be a little more zoomed in (FOV)
But it’s good and it’s also hard to setup a nice camera angle and still capture such a large scene.

I like it, good posing and angle.

Muzzle flash is a little yellow, and the blood on the guy sat down is too liquidy and looks like he’s producing red paint from his vains :v:

Make the blood a little darker, and more variety in shades of red.

The blood on the soldier getting shot is realistic, me likez, but the muzzleflash and the blood from the terrorist’s arm are terrible.

I Agree, Joazz. The blood on the arm of the soldier looks like red paint, while the one from the soldiers head looks a little more realistic. Some of the posing is a little off, and the muzzleflash needs work.

4 USMC Soldiers vs 2 Terrorist and 1 Wounded Terrorist?
The USMC Should just Overwhelm the First terrorist, Take his gun and shoot the other.
Anyways, The Posing is Ok. I like the Blood coming out from the Soldiers head.

Nice work mate, i know you worked hard with it. I hope you improve more :slight_smile:

Muzzleflash and Terrorist Blood look like ms-paint selection then fill in with 1 shade of red, also muzzleflash isn’t in the direction the gun is pointing.
And how would 2 terrorists overpower 4 USMC’s?

I think we all know that this picture was made by a terrorist, because theres no way 3 terrorists could capture USMC soldiers. (and then made one beg for his life?)

But a nice picture none the less

Why, Marines are human too…Their are probably more terrorists around.

The pose is pretty cool but the blood of the bleeding guy looks kinda bad.

Thanks for the comments everyone!
I had figured the blood on the arm would be considered bad, But I’m very glad to see people liked the guy on the ground being shot.

Yes, 3 terrorists capturing USMC’s alive is highly unlikely, but it really Comes down to What I had at the moment, and The terrorist look more evil than the USMC’s, so I had made them the bad guys.
Please, don’t question the exact reality of the situation, however, seeing as 80-90% of the pics on this site are no where near real. :smiley:

If anyone has more detailed Tips on photoshop about the blood, particularly the Gunshot wound itself. That would be great.

Fucking realism turds.

Perhaps they have better battle experience, maybe the marines are on their first little job and they suck, maybe there are more terrorists off-screen, maybe they ambushed them, maybe the marines just generally are bad at combat, maybe… i can go on. The point is, there are ALOT of “maybe’s” i can say, i wish people would stop with the whole “how, why” in Gmod pictures because pretty much everything can be explained. Just enjoy the image.

(Seriously, i got a reply to one of my pictures saying “Why would that german soldier take cover laying in water during a fight, he’d get trench-foot”… What the hell, he’s in a fucking fight he doesn’t care about that…)

Sorry for this in your thread corn :slight_smile:


Is that G-man in the window!?

I ain’t bothered, It’s the truth, bunch of People taking it overly serious.
I can’t lie, sometimes I take things a bit serious, but I try to be mellow.
I am from Texas, so I’m naturally a more serious person.
All C&C would be appreciated! :smiley:
Thanks again.

What are Marines doing wearing ACU?

Don’t ask me, ask Call of Duty 4, that’s where I got the models.

Then nevermind, that’s DCU. It’s hard to tell ; /

Don’t worry mate my skins are being hexed so you will have urban digital marines!

Two guys in the middle held hostage looks like ones dead and the other one on the right looks like he is with the terriost.

Nice bump. Check the dates next time.