(USRecon) Fair Admins| Insta | Sleeper | PvP

Server name:
(USRecon) Fair Admins| Insta | Sleeper | PvP
( You can connect via Console press F1 and write net.connect )
Server Location:
US > Chicago

Info about the Server:
No Admin Abuse
PvP On
No Lags
Sleeper ON
Instant Crafting Time

Random Airdrop 1 per ingame Day
PvP Tournament/Arena (Soon)
And much more after a while…

Using Cheats,Hacks,Scripts,Bots or any other third party program is forbidden.
All languages Are tolerated
No jap or chi names Or you will be kicked.
Respect other Players and Admins.
No disrespectful Flame for Raids by other Player.
Griefing is aloud Its part of the game Plus how could we stop it
If you gain Knowledge of any violation of our Rules you have to report them.
Have a lot of fun And we will expect to see you ingame.

Reason for starting the server.

Wanting to Have a server with no admin abuse Because earlier I got banned Because I killed 2 players Repeatedly So they got they’re friend / the owner or admin of the server to ban me.
As they didn’t know my friend was still active on the server and the admin teleported to him while in the base Saw my body laying there Because my friend was asking him to unban me Then Completely Let the guys we were killing raid us While the admin was Blowing our walls and doors off the house Repeatedly.
So my buddy bought the server To stop this Senseless abuse from happening And for you guys to have some Fun.