(USRecon) Fair Admins| Insta | Sleeper | PvP

Hey everyone!

I’ve recently acquired my own Rust server, and would like to share it for this community to play on.

Name: (USRecon) Fair Admins| Insta | Sleeper | PvP

We are a new community, so please, bare with us as we build our numbers.

Info about the Server:

No Admin Abuse
PvP On
No Lag
Sleeper Enabled
Instant Crafting Time
Weekly Events


Using Cheats,Hacks,Scripts,Bots or any other third party program is forbidden.
All languages are tolerated
Respect other players and admins
Please report any violations that you see to an admin, one is online almost 24/7

To connect manually using the IP above, hit F1 while in game and type

net.connect ""

Hope to see everyone around, I’d love to get this server somewhat popular.

Mumble Info:
100 Slot
Friendly People


Great Owner and nice admins will continue playing

Thanks, Deso. Hope you continue playing, I’d love to build a thriving community.

EDIT: Also, for anyone viewing, we are in need of staff members. Contact me via PM for now to ask about details.

When I first joined this server I was immediately greeted by the admins. They are friendly and helpful, giving a head start to new players and giving useful tips on being a survivor in Rust. For any new players who want to get into PvP head first or any experienced clans that are looking for some action, this is the server for you. Insta-craft also helps the experience, I doubt anyone wants to waste half their time crafting items. I encourage anyone who reads this to give the server a try and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Thanks Connor, appreciate the feedback. And everyone that’s playing, invite your friends! The bigger the server gets, the better!

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BUMP! Looking for dedicated players, trying to build a good community server!

The admins are really friendly for sure. One of my top servers I would say.

Thanks, Crazy. Hope I continue to see you around!

bump for this wonderful server

Currently sitting around 10 players! Having a great time, looking forward to more.

Please join id love to meet some new nice people or trolls >.>


bump for this server

Bump for cookies.

join for me

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Hope to see some more people online, peaked at 20 players last night!



=.= bump


Was in the server today since you mentioned it to a streamer I know (LuffarJevel on twitch). Hope it gets a few more people in there.