[USRust] *Anonymous* [PVP/Sleep/Halfcraft] WIPED 1/30/2014!

Hello all!

F1 enters console and copy and paste: net.connect

I am the server admin for the [USRust] Anonymous- Oxide [PVP/Sleep/Halfcraft] server! We were wiped on 1/30, but that’s a good thing! You can start with us, and not be left in the dust. It would be my honor to have you in this server and please, bring your friends!!! Our server is based in Columbus, but that doesn’t mean a European player can’t play here. I played in a EU server and I was located in the US. Anyone is welcome!!! Plus, I am a very active admin(non-abusive). I do manual airdrops every 30 minutes when online, but the automatic drops are set at a 10 player minimum. Thanks so much for your time.

-1/4 Craft
-Active Admin
-Capacity of 100
-Wiped 1/30
-C4 Uncraftable


  1. No excessive racism.
  2. No hacking (That’s a given right?)
  3. No excessive swearing/griefing. We all swear, I know, it’s fine!
  4. Team-up at your own risk!!
  5. Enjoy yourself.

Any questions or comments let me know.

F1 enters console and copy and paste: net.connect



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