USS Voyager

USS Voyager (v1) - DOWNLOAD:

‘Enterprise’ Dry Dock (v1) - DOWNLOAD:

USS Voyager (v1) - by Apwn In The Dark
Release Version: 1

-Bridge model ported from ‘Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force’
-Ship Model ported from ‘Star Trek: Legacy’
-Shuttlebay, Transporter Room, Ready Room & Corridors by me!

Contents Description:
-USS Voyager, Intrepid Class Federation Starship (Downscaled) + Engines
-Type 9 Shuttlecraft + Phys Door

-Starship is comprised of 3 objects which can be hinged or welded - the Hull & 2 engines.
-Ship’s interior rooms include Bridge, Transporter Room, Ready Room, & Shuttlebay.
-Shuttlebay can carry up to 2 Type 9 or Type 6 Shuttles, one behind the other.
-Ship’s engines feature a small, player accessible interior to mount thrusters etc.

Installation Instructions:
-Simply drop the ‘USS Voyager (v1)’ folder in your ‘addons’ folder.
Models can only be spawned from the browse tab, not the spawn menu.

Future Releases:

USS Voyager (v1) - DOWNLOAD:

‘Enterprise’ Dry Dock (v1) - DOWNLOAD:

Is the whole thing a model?

Like is the inside playable?

it comes in about 5 pices and its playable inside
voyager limping home

well,… i didn’t test it yet, but as a voyager fan i’ll have to say…

–Great Job-- ^^

also on the previous enterprise-d model

EDIT: @ cottonwaxy
the warp nacelles are welded into the wrong direction (bussard collectors “red” have to show into the opposite direction ^^)

i know and there slightly raised.

Best model EVER!

I really like it! GJ!


FU!! Garrysmod is fucking slow! 3 kb’s…

i tryed all the ships your done so far there awsome will you be doing all of the Federation ships or just some ? if your doing them all can you get some kirks ship?

bump (methinks I posted this at the wrong time, or ppl hate star trek)

i don’t hate it i’m a big fan of all star trek i love the models that you have made for gmod so far please keep it up :smiley:

i’ve got a short question about the nacelles…
what are the little gaps in the nacelles for, beside from what’s written on the walls inside…?

sry…overred the line that sais:
“Ship’s engines feature a small, player accessible interior to mount thrusters etc.”

Pretty awesome, love how it makes more room of the interior than the ent.D, the observation room is a favourite. Maybe next time add more maintenence tubes for hiding wiring and stuff in? Works pretty well on the nacelles. Saying that you’ve pretty much done all that i wanted when i saw the Enterprise model. Awsome stuff, just hope some servers upload it!

Oh shit… Cool! Thanks! I’ve been looking forward to this! I always loved this show :v:

This will cheer me up, since my man hard drive got fried yesterday. :frown:

Voyager was my favorite series of all time seen all the episodes like a billion times, Thanks!

Oh SHIT. Not you too! Everyone’s HDDs are frying or crashing or scrambling! Who’s next?..:ninja: I can’t watch! :monocle:

maybe the heat it’s roasting your pc parts but it’s hot out side for us :C

also i tryed this model on a lan party with some of my freinds it was awsome we all had a big battle with the ships you made so far was good.

this is awesome! i cant wait for the enterprise-E thats gonna be my favourtie.

Good model
Me likey.

I hope you are gonna improve the Enterprise D sometime too.

It looks like shit compared to this one if you ask me.

Very nice model :smiley:

I have to say, you’ve really improved from your last one. I was going to go in and rework the textures myself, but honestly, there’s no reason to. (Save the lens-flare happy images in the conference room.) Good job on the model, but I think cleaner textures would have been better suited for the shuttle bay, and the shuttles could use some sort of an interior

I’m glad my voyager skins have a “natural habitat” now, they work quite well together.