-ⱤustLads UK-wiped 08-03 /PVP/ACTIVE ADMINS


Hello guys. I know the server market is competely oversaturated at this point. I do think we have something special to offer though.

We are mature admins. I dont know how special that is, but it is something i find important. Our maturity can be questionable sometimes, but agewise we are all 24+ most older. We have one main admin, and 3 secret admins, that take over when needed.

We try to keep this server a nice place for everyone, even though this game is as hostile as it gets. I usually live a hobos life myself, but i try to help where i can. We sit in our gamevox server most day us who are friends. Everybody is welcome, and i will create seperate rooms for whomever wants it.

Our goal is to build a community. Not everyone are expected to be friends (at all), but we want to create a feeling of belonging here, whatever the age or race.
I hope we can play together someday, and that i peaked your interest.

We have a few mods,

/users /location /who /lm /help /rules and a killfeed that shows who dies and why.

25+ and we get an airdrop.
No Cheating Tolerated!


Just want to advice the people to really give this server a proper chance, friendly people and more importantly good admins and a nice and social environment.

Anyways hope to see you guys and girls there!

Greetz Del.