[USTX] PVP | 1/2 Craft | No Durability | Air Drops | Zero Abuse | Looking for skilled PVPers

To connect to our server Press F1 and type net.connect

We are a Cheatpunch protected server out of Dallas, Tx. We have a single admin who will NEVER abuse the server.

We are looking for skilled PvP players to join up. We have about 10 active players as of 3/1 (including a couple streamers) and would like more. We encourage PvP & Raiding.

Enjoy 1/2 craft, Zero Durability and Air Drops over 10 people.

Future plans are to optimize the loot tables into something that seems more logical.

Other than that, we have no mods at this time.

Join up! We are looking for friendly & skilled competition.

Let’s get people on! Let’s get those air drops going!

3 raids happened about 5 minutes ago. Get in on the action. Skilled PVP here