Usual bug, crashing on sending client info.

I have tried the following:
-deleting useless addons (down to about 120)
-verifying integrity of game files
-loading singleplayer first then multiplayer(at first was crashing then fixed it and it worked but multiplayer still crashed)
-deleted addons creating scripting errors

It crashes right before I would get in, and I was in earlier today but didn’t change anything and it would randomly freeze while i was in server for about 3-6 seconds then eventually it would crash. So I got in twice in a row before it started crashing at loading screen.

Here is my last mdmp file from the garrysmod/dump folder:

I see people with the same problem I have are speaking up. glad I’m not alone

Is your problem consisting with only one server?

its random, sometimes i can get in some servers and sometimes i cant. like today i got in a byb server fine until about two hours into it then it reset then i couldnt get in it at all then the server i always crashed on let me in.

I have a similar problem, but it’s on single player. It just crashes with no error