Usual reaction after viewing a thread in Screenshots and Movies

Its not a troll thread (I love you and your shitty pics guys <3), I just couldn’t find a better reason for this reaction :frowning:

Original -

Inspired by this -

Bonk! Atomic Vomit.

Nice debris.

Winner or Funny? God, that’s hard…

Best barf edit I’ve ever seen, hands down.

Now we have a reaction picture for the really shitty screenshots, thanks :h: .

That what my reaction would be whenever I look inside the Sex Poses thread.

Of course, if I wasn’t joking, my whole house would be filled with vomit.

Does it apply to this thread?

My good sir, you are a god among men. Or, rather, a Gold Member among…er…other gold members and some blue members.

keep u th amazig work

It would be the Infinity.

You obviously need to look at my threads more often.

Absolute winner.

Rated funny


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nah jk, can’t touch me. i know my screenshots are good.

Not enough good for God.

What God?

Faraon_ZzZ ofcourse.

Boring poses and noob shit is the reason for projectile vomiting, understandable.

I’m going to be posing again when i get a new computer.