Sounds like a fun new server.

Definitely will be. Events will be planned as the server gains population. Very active admins. (12+ hours easily at any given time)

This server is a keeper and deserves a shot to most people.


200 slot server, no lag, looking to get this thing populated. :wink:

I’ve tried joining many times using the net.connect you provided but no luck!

Also for copy and paste luxury is would be easier if it was lower cased for the console.

Anyways, I hope I can somehow join! Sounds fun


Joined the server. Admin seems awesome and he’s got everything up and running (had to restart once because he was literally just getting everything going)
so that means its a very empty world. No airdrops at all yet, no buildings built anywhere. Come get a fresh start right now!

Server updated, put in my fixed loot table.

Good to go, let’s get this thing populated!

Temp airdrop setting @ 10 until server gets more populated~!

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I was updated a few cfg files, sorry for the delay!

Well been on for a while people been more on the friendly side, and since its new server, its great for starters or people to restart on.

Everything is working perfectly now. Kits are back up, server is running without a skip in performance.

200 slots people! Rawr!

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Starting to pick up a few. :slight_smile:

Great server, no lag, completely smooth, friendly admin(s)


Recommend to all!

Thank you for the kind words, hope to see you on more often. :slight_smile:

No problem. :slight_smile: Probably the friendliest admin I’ve seen in awhile!

Looking for those few select more to get those airdrops finally flowing. :slight_smile:

First full night of the wipe was successful. Not a single crash of the server. Let’s get some peeps on!

Airdrops still set at 10 for today and will be increased accordingly with the response of the amount of people on.

Thanks and enjoy!~

Server is great. Moderate amount of people joining up and there are some real power players who make the game fun and exciting.

After the second day we’ve got about a constant 35 people online so far.

So far so great. Great attitudes everywhere. :slight_smile:

This server is apparently cool with hackers running wild on it. Team of korean speed hackers and an invisible hacker as well killed my friend. Admins banned him for complaining! Do not waste your time here. Look, if the typos in the original post don’t immediately give you red flags that these are a bunch of kids then go ahead and try your luck. There were already several other people who quit the server today because of the admins. Never trust someone who doesn’t know the difference between “to” and “too.”

Invisible hacker? That was me with invis gear because I was told iris your buddy was speed hacking. Of course I’m going to spec you out with invis gear on. Funny thing is you ran to me the second I Teleported.

For someone who’s so mad to post on here. Here’s the lowdown on what happened.

You got raided legitimately. I watched the whole thing go down. You also got killed the second you got back because someone was in your place as it got raided. You lose everything. Cry cheats. And leave.

Good riddance man. Don’t need people like you crying to the forums the second you got raided.

In reference to people leaving. It’s the second day since the server got wiped and we’re up to 45 people at 11pm pst. Not too shabby. Everyone but this guy will say we’re all friendly. There is always an admin online. So don’t hesitate to ask for one if needed.

Ignore this troll. Everything he says is false.

Hope to see more faces online. :slight_smile:

LOL, i was on this server when your friend was spamming chat non stop about supernuts, who is an** admin**, you artard. then you come on the server and beg to be banned. you have gone a long way to rage at a 2 day old server which is already fun and popular. i have had no issues with anyone on the server, and the admins are on top of every hacker so far.

So… SirZiggy calls an admin an “Invisible Hacker”… Then he calls the out some Koreans that we’ve already watched for multiple hours, investigated and checked into their base a “Team of korean speed hackers”… LOL, could you get anymore ignorant? Your ignorance is anything but bliss. How oblivious could you get, I mean honestly? The Koreans that are apparently speedhacking have dialup internet and probably rent it off their Chinese neighbors, because they cant stay in the server for more than 5minutes without dc’ing. We’ve killed them multiple times and have watched them die to naked guys with p250s and shotguns. Please get out of here before you embarrass yourself even more. Also, nobody has quit the server except your group of 2-3 people. Considering we started this server less than 24 hours ago and there is already an average of 30 people at all times… I would say the server is pretty great. Not one hacker has entered the server yet, as a matter of fact the only person to get banned is you… Which was after you said, and I quote, “Please, ban me I dont want this shit server full of Koreans in my history”… Take your racism slander to another server.


This guy above who originally posted is so full of shit it’s unbelievable. Starts swearing at the admin who is SuperNuts, says ban me etc etc, just spamming chat. And well, he gets banned.

Then he complains via a forum post for this server. Are you kidding me?!?!?!?! Complete fucking joke man.

To tell you the truth: This server is probably the best server I’ve played on. I have 140+ hours in rust, played on multiple servers, and I must say. This is the very first server I have yet to rubberband not once. And that’s with probably 8+ hours already on this server. The server does not lag, the admins are probably one of the friendliest I’ve ever encountered. And the people are pretty nice too. The occasional KOS, and the trolls like SirZiggy, but other than that. This server is by far one of the BEST I’ve ever played on.

Go ahead and try it, and see that Ziggy is just another pile of shit stain.

Hope to see you all online!!!

Server is updated, combo locks have been implemented instead of door sharing.

No wipe because of that, wasn’t game changing enough for us to wipe. Enjoy and hope to see you all online!