[USWest] Bay Area Noob Friendly (PVP/SLP, 1/2 Craft) WIPED 1/24

Server WIPED post patch on 1/24. We do not wipe except when required for updates or when the community demands it.

We have 3 admins who have different enough playtimes to cover most of the day. This is a 150 slot server with great ping, responsive admins, and no tolerance for hacking or abuse. No airdrops will be admin spawned, airdrops set at 50 concurrent users.

This is a noob friendly server as many of us have just started playing the game. That doesn’t mean you won’t die, but it does mean there will be plenty of people in chat willing to offer advice and answer questions.

To join, hit F1 on the main menu and enter:


Our Steam Group is located at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/rustba

We don’t use mods

We don’t tolerate cheaters

We have a really good time

Solid server! Best experience here after trying multiple community and official servers.

In Official servers, you have higher population, but that also comes with an exponentially higher percentage of hackers, due to having no admins, and relying on VAC bans (which seem ineffective at the moment).

Other community servers can be run by immature admins who love to abuse their powers and play god with their users. More importantly, if you join a server and there are no active admins, hackers can easily get in and create heaps of chaos, which causes damage beyond repair to the state of that server.

This server has active admins, they dont abuse their powers, they spend a large amount of time vetting out, investigating and banning hackers. If i remember correctly, over the course of 2 weeks they had a ban list of 150+ people.

Best community server thus far, have 200+ hours in game, tried 20+ servers.

The patch really helped with lag, and it’s always fun the day of a wipe!

We now have a full time non-player admin to go with our regular admins, so hackers don’t have a chance!

Today is a good day to die! Or live.

woot fire fights fun!

Another day in the life!

HFB is getting wrecked by DDOS attacks, we’re going to migrate to a better host. Server is back online now!

To the top!

I dig this server. Good population. Good mix of evil motherfuckers and helpful kind lads

Just updated with some non gameplay changing mods. /history is in!

Preparing to move to a brand new host. Never a better time to join.


Getting a brand new server tomorrow, less lag, less downtime!

yay, bump for that one.

Just moved to a new host, IP updated.

Such ping. Much wow.

The server is up and running beautifully. We have virtually no problem with hacker because our 3 admins rock. One of them is on like 16 hours a day.

I played on this server for approximately two weeks - Here is my review:


  1. Active Admins. There are less hackers on this server due to rapid and aggressive white listing/banning by the admins. This is what initially attracted me to the server. They really do a great job in this vein.
  2. Busy and active player base (after wipes - the population invariably declines after wipes).


  1. All the Admins (Pflame, WhiteRussian and Fieras) are actively involved in raiding. This is not surprising, or even bad, in and of itself, but invariably leads to potential conflict of interest issues, particularly when the player base dwindles or gets small.

Examples from incidents I’ve witnessed:


I once saw the Admins zerg a 4 man base with 13 people, when about 20 people were on the server. The 4 man crew defending the base felt overpowered and complained that they felt like it was them versus the whole server. Admin (Fieras) replied by calling the 4 man crew names and mocked them for ‘rage-equitting.’ They subsequently linked a vid of the raid:



I had a friend that built a tall tower that, admittedly, was a rich target. He had it raided and griefed (i.e. they would raid and place their own doors inside the structure, so he couldn’t open them, etc) by the Admin and Allies associated zerg three times in one day. He left the server and gave me the base.


I took over his base and quietly built it back up, just harvesting for a day a half. I knew I’d get raided, but figured it would be a fair and square deal. I was at the top of my 16 story base, when I noticed the Yellow Name Text of an invisible admin pass right next to me (White Russian). I asked White Russian what he was doing in my base, and he said he wasn’t in my base. 30 minutes later, my base was raided.


I voiced my concerns to the admins, and was not given a straight answer as to why an admin would be teleporting into my base and checking it out - various theories were introduced - perhaps it was a mistake, perhaps he thought I was duping wood, etc. Ultimately, for my concerns, I was mocked, called names, and banned from the server.


If you desire to be farmed by an aggressive set of Admins and their allies, this is the server for you!

If you desire to play on a server wherein Admins perform functions you’d more typically expect from the role - i.e. not being actively involved in raiding/game play politics, and just helping ban hackers, helping players get unstuck, etc, then this is NOT the server for you.

Currently, this is just a pvp sandbox designed for the Admins and their chosen friends to play in; they brook NO criticism and are singularly lacking in adult level maturity.

Caveat Emptor