[USWEST]FRESH 2/22/14 Vanilla | Airdrops | Sleeper | PVP | ACTIVE ADMINS

Brand new server that just came up yesterday looking for more people to play. We are strictly vanilla rust and believe that is the way the game should be played. We currently have 5 active admins and are giving away free mumble channels to people who wish to play on the server. Our goal is to create a nice community of players and have fun while being active on catching cheaters or exploiters. We plan to keep the server fresh with fresh wipes every month to help sever stability and to create an atmosphere where one set of players can not control the server forever.


Msg either seizure =irl= or eighteight for a free mumble channel if you wish to have one for you and your buddies while playing here.

bump 37/100 still looking for fresh faces