USWest: Hardcore PvP/Progression, Bountys,Econ,Fullcraft,RareC4/Military Equip*

Hey there everyone! First off I want to thank everyone who’s come to the server so far and helped populate us and extend my invitation to everyone out there!
Welcome to USWest: Hardcore PvP/Progression, Bountys,Econ,Fullcraft,RareC4/Military Equip*

The BEST way to contact someone immediately is to POST on this Forum.
The EASIEST way to connect to us is;
Press F1 from the Rust main screen and type:

We have completely customized the Loot Tables to slower progression, but allowing new players to hop into the action and go to war! The loot tables include some features as follows;

Wood and Sulfur are ONLY available from the field.
BPs are ONLY available from Chests and Supply Drops.
Research Kits are ONLY available as a rare drop from red animals.
C4 BP is ONLY available from Supply Drops.
Tier 3 BPs are MUCH more common in Supply Drops.

We have added a start kit for players and added the Econ mod for the purpose of the bounty board.
Items in the shop are basic and the price of wood is increased to prevent playing from not farming it.

We have two Moderators/Admins and they are both active and fair, they are Moderators that DO play on the server. Moderator meaning I have given specific flag’s allowing them to KICK AND BAN ONLY To reduce hacker inflow.

Two Active Moderators (For Kick/Ban Purpose ONLY!)
FullCraft (Keeping it realistic.)
*Rare Military Loot (Drops are rare but are there for those dedicated to getting them!)
*Limited Crafting Table
We currently have a small list of addon’s installed to kind of Tweek the game play in favor of the PvP but without unbalancing to much in the loot tables.
And MUCH more to come!

Brilliant server, Super friendly admins, Join it or you will miss out!!!

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Comment if your joining us… Hope you do!

For any information…


Great server i’d recommend this to anyone who want to have a good time playing this game. don’t worry about admins they are fair.:dance:




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