[USWEST] New Server - PVP | Sleeper | 1/2 Craft | Starter Kit | Economny | FPS | Airdrop | Share - OXIDE

Hello and welcome to Fellow Rusters!

We are looking for active players or groups to join our server who’s keeping it clean without abusing any kind of hack/glitches.
We are trying to make the gaming experience a lot more fun in the future by creating events for the players. I also am in the process of finishing
an economy buy/sell market so that layers will earn money for killing eachother/all PVE creatures.

Server Features
Starter Kits (Stone Hatchet, 1 Chicken Breast, Campfire, Sleeping Bag, 10 Arrows, Bow, 5 Wood)
0.5 (1/2) Craft
Door Sharing
Economy (Just started Beta phase)
FPS increase command
Active and mature admins who intend to play the game without abusing admin powers

Server Rules ( These are very simple )

  • Dont Cheat / Hack / Glitch Exploiting
  • Chat is for English ONLY!
  • Have fun!

Q - How do I connect to the server?
A - Write “net.connect” in your console, (press F1 to open the console)

  • The server is newly started 2/4/2014.
  • Half time crafting!
  • Friendly and mature admins!
  • Airdrop occur when there’s 5+ players online. This will be increased as the amount of players have increased!
  • 100 Slot!