[USWEST]Server/PVP/ Runs 24/7 / Oxide / Door Share / Instacraft / Slprs / PM's/ Newbie Friendly/ Active Admins / Economy!

**We are a brand new server currently with 2 admins. We are looking for loyal players and possibly a moderator that stays on quite a bit watching over etc. Bans and such. We are strict about banning people who are hacking and such. There are no warnings. Please give us a try and I promise that we won’t fail you! This server is hosted on LA Servers. [Recruiting friends to stay on gets you bonus stuff, gear, materials.] Have fun!

Connection Info:

Give us a chance guys :slight_smile:

To connect press F1, type in [ net.connect ] Of course without the brackets all players are welcome, we help the noobies! Show us you’re worth something to us and maybe you’ll be granted moderator! Please don’t beg for items. We’re picky about it.

100% No admin abuse, if it happens for some strange reason you may add me on steam and tell me about it personally and i’ll solve it. Steam : Sinner

Teamspeak server : lax01.mainvoice.net:7106
Join us to talk!
We’re a new server needing website developers ingame moderators. And forum mods! Join SinnerGaming today! Just changed the IP to = Because we have relocated the server to LA.**

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Bump! Still looking for players!

Has potential. So far its good.

Funny you say this Godwin because I am playing on the server right now with a couple of people and the admins are being really nice to new players and giving them a little starting kit to actually be able to survive their first day and** build a small home**. In addition, supply drops are actually kinda rare and will only drop 1 per day if there is 7 or more people on.

I’ve been playing this server for 2 whole day and I haven’t seen any abuse on the server for now. Stop being full of shit and trying to get people on your shitty server.

I am having a nice experience on this server and I like being able to buy supplies with the money I make in-game to enhance my home. :3

Thanks for supporting us Frenchie! We love having you around, also the stuff Godwin has said is not true due to me having steam only for rust. I hope you guys join our server soon and let’s get a community going! I’m currently looking for someone who is able to make a site that looks nice! Hopefully you guys can trust us and believe that we are nice admins! And I enforce this rule again, please do not ask for items. Since we are a starting server we are handing out wood to players, bigger the group more wood you get. This is only for the first few days of this server!

this is a fun and great server, were always happy to help fellow players, do remember that this is a pvp server so do expect to get raided, looted, and destroyed :), but by being a good sport about it you may receive help in rebuilding and continuing with the fun. there will also be arena’s to fight in, currently one meele arena already set up, only better things to come!


Bump! Welcome!

Currently still looking for loyal and mature staff members! Please join us and help raise our community!

Bump! Join SinnerGaming today!

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Bump! SinnersGaming is recruiting a lot more loyal players! Mature people are our goal!


Bump, new server hosted in LA! Also why not join our ts?
teamspeak server:
rust server :