UT Weapons

Well, since that guy who made his “gun recommendation thread” didn’t answered in his thread to my request, and I doubt that he is going to anyways, I’m requesting it here again. As you can read from the title, I want to have UT weapons. Like the shock rifle, redeemer(there’s one already out, I know, but a better version perhaps?), flak cannon. Perhaps also a better version of the teleportation tool, so called translocator.

If anyone wants to make this into a huge project, we could try to make a UT style DM gamemode, I’d try to help as much as I can(only do know a bit about mapping, but I could make a website for it).

Here’s some reference: http://planetunreal.gamespy.com/View.php?view=UT2004GameInfo.Detail&id=26&game=4
And here are 3 movie which show how the weapons work:

At one point or another I was going to work on a flak cannon, but trying to even just work with 1:1 crossbow bolt physics from C++ to Lua is a bitch, considering the physics handling, other than that, no problem. I’d work on their rocket launcher, too, but I haven’t finished my RPG base yet.