UT2004 Models (Not Base) Port

Does anyone know how to port UT2004 models to HL2 format as the only tutorial I could find was useless. I can get the textures no problem, but I cant find anything to port the models. I’m not trying to port the models that come with the game (as from looking around the threads here, seems to be a bad idea) but the custome content I have aquired over the years, such as:

Bender Model (says its from here: http://voiceshrine.beyondunreal.com/, modeller’s site: http://home.comcast.net/~gregfisk/)
Destroyer Droid Model (can’t find the readme for it)
Some sort of Giant Badger Model (says it from here: http://www.angelmapper.com/index.htm and there is a link)
Possibly some of the stuff from the mods