util.BlastDamage dealing 0 damage

function ENT:Explode()
	if self.Exploding then
	self.Exploding = true
	local cpos = self:GetPos()
	local effectdata = EffectData()
	util.Effect("Explosion", effectdata)
	util.BlastDamage(self, self, self:GetPos(), 3000, 80)

Alright now that I got that other issue out of the way a new problem has arisen. The BlastDamage doesn’t ‘work’. And what I mean by that is it doesn’t calculate any damage whatsoever. Every single time my object explodes even when I am standing on top of it, it does ZERO damage. I want to know what I am doing wrong. BlastDamage has been enough of a headache so far and it seems to not quit.

You have to set the keyvalue “iMagnitude” to the amount of damage you want

self:SetKeyValue( “iMagnitude”, “250” )

Either I am using it wrong or it isn’t working. I have no need for it.

env_explosion is shit though
util.BlastDamage is a better solution

You know what would be cool, if I COULD GET IT TO WORK Rips hair

Are you, at any point, setting yourself to the owner of the entity? I may be wrong, but the last time I tried it, util.BlastDamage doesn’t deal damage to the entity who owns it.

so this whole time I didn’t have to use findinsphere and tables to do that explosive fists SWEP?