util.blastdamage knockback help

is it possible to remove the knockback from the util.BlastDamageAll code?

its like the knockback is amplified by the damage that the explosion gives off,
yet there is nothing calling for that.

I suggest you just use CTakeDamage instead of util.BlastDamage. You can customize it a lot more. If you really need an explosion try using this: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Env_explosion And check out the flags.

There is no util.BlastDamageAll on the wiki. Can you post the code of this function?

They mean

util.BlastDamage judging from the title

By the way, I tried using

GM:EntityTakeDamage to modify the force and damage type, but no luck there

the line itself is blastdamageall. im not doing it for sandbox for a specific gm, but still, answers do help

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thanks Ubre, CTakeDamage worked out for me.

marked as solved.

code snip for others

 local pos = self:GetPos() 
                local dmginfo = DamageInfo()
		dmginfo:SetAttacker( self.Owner )
		dmginfo:SetDamage( 100 )
		util.BlastDamageInfo(dmginfo, pos, self.BlastRadius) 

outside of the function is ENT.BlastRadius = NumberRadius