util.BlastDamage: Props and Ragdolls

I script a Traitoritem. For now, with the script , A random player will explode. For this I used util.BlastDamage. Now I want to add Ragdolls (Corpses) and Props (Barrels etc.) to let them explode, too. Can I use for Ragdolls and Props util.BlastDamage too and if I can do so, how do I have to define Ragdolls and props ?

Thanks for your help.


Just call util.BlastDamage? It doesn’t need an entity. If you want an explosion effect, create it. If you want the prop/ragdoll to disappear, Remove() it.

Yeah. But I don´t want an explosion effect. The Prop or Ragdoll shall explode to damage/kill a Player who stands next to it. The Prop or Ragdoll shall be the explosion´s origin.

Don’t want it? Don’t create it.

Want the explosions origin to be in the prop? Set it there?