Hi, I’m currently working on a swep, but there is a problem.

The problem is, whenever I call my util.ParticleTracerEx (or just util.ParticleTracer), it seems to ignore the start position (self.Owner:EyePos()), choosing instead to go between my end position (tr.HitPos) and the map’s origin (0,0,0).

My code, is as follows.
util.ParticleTracer(“vortigaunt_beam”, self.Owner:EyePos(), tr.HitPos, true)

I also tried doing an ents.Create( “info_particle_system” ), but it went from the position I created to the map’s origin (although, I never understood how to make that idea go to a specific target).

Does anyone else know what I’m doing wrong here?

The particle effect isn’t a tracer, there’s special stuff which needs to be done with the effect itself to work as a tracer.

When a particle tracer is called incorrectly it generally comes out of the origin and lands at the correct impact position.

Unfortunately, the wiki page for the particular function has not been created yet, so I don’t know what the “special stuff” I need to do for it is.

I’m merely going off the information in this post: http://www.facepunch.com/showpost.php?p=16524186&postcount=3

There was one, but for no apparent reason it was removed.

If I wasn’t clear before, the error is not your code, the particle effect isn’t a tracer effect, you can’t call it as a tracer.