UTime + DarkRP = Military Ranking?

I was just wondering out of curiosity, would it be possible to use UTime with DarkRP to show certain classes after a certain amount of time? If so that would be a hell of a Military Ranking system

Of course you could :stuck_out_tongue:

See: http://code.google.com/p/darkrp/wiki/DonatorJobs

Instead of doing the “is user group donor?”, change it to “is time spent on server greater than XXX”

So instead of [lua]ply:GetNWString(“user group”)[/lua] it would be [lua]ply:GetNWString(“time”) >= <time>[/lua]??

Make sure you get the variable that the time is saved on, and use that on ply, then, yeah that’s possible.

Ok good :stuck_out_tongue: I thought I woulda gotten that wrong

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Well actually could I do something so it notifys when you can become the next rank? Maybe Msgn?

I see now that its having a serverside problem calling the ply:GetNWInt

-snip- again i forgot i cant leave an open integer on a function. I think i got it by putting “600”


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