Utopia - A new virtual experience brought to you by the Utopia Corporation

What is reality?

Reality is whatever you want it to be in Utopia, a brand-new virtual world that closely mimics real life.
Whatever your real-world personality, occupation or lifestyle, all can be forgotten in Utopia.
Your experience is crafted however you want it to.

Using the all-new Utopia Reality Drive, we are able to create a living, breathing world to suit your every need.
As the world is still in development, we can only offer a preview of one of these worlds, known as “Paradise”.
Please bear in mind that this world is still being worked hard on by our people in the labs, so any areas of low quality will be eradicated before launch.
The Utopia Corporation is open to your suggestions.

In these images, you can see the beginnings of our tropical paradise, complete with sun, sea and palm trees.

If you choose to take up residence on our first island, you will be entitled to one of these luxury, spacious island cabins.
Furnishings may be purchased through our in-world shops.

There will be a comfortable and efficient raft system for travelling between islands.

Here you can see previews of our more “under-construction” areas, such as the commercial district on our second island and our third island.
At the moment, this is planned to be a recreational area.

We hope these images will at least interest you in the Utopia Program, and we look forward to seeing you in Paradise later this year.

Thank you for your time.



The Utopia Corporation acknowledges that there are other virtual world resembling Paradise, but Utopia will feature multi-world support, meaning that you can change if you are not satisfied.

How will this work with the existing size of the source grid?

The entire area takes up roughly one quarter of the grid size.

Why not larger?

It does not need to be larger. The only difference making the area larger would make would be that the raft travelling times would be longer and the map would take longer to compile.

Looks awesome keep it up

I mean, that existing area as it is but with water going further out to near the end of the grid.

For people that would wish to fly around, so the underwater detail at the very ends does not need to be displacements as it is just for flight because boats will be fine with the existing detailing

and size

of the islands area.

Also this will help with not seeing the end of the map from the liveable islands.

There will be a 3D Skybox and fog to give the illusion of an endless expanse of water.


And flying will not be a problem as there will be no planes in Utopia.

How sad.

Our philosophy is that alternative forms of transport will not be required as you will never want to leave Utopia.

Oh really?

Because I really suggest that you allow flight support because people that live on islands and such allways love to fly up in the air and see the nice view over the islands, if they have acess for planes.

Also, flying in a good looking environment is allways nice.

Pretty awesome.

It looks okay so far, but stop talking like your a corporate robot with a big business. It’s a big turn off when on this thread.

I can not agree more.

Utopia means it’s a haven for everything, so make sure you put loads of cool convenient things

(I wasn’t doing it straight-faced, I was roleplaying. This is what this is, a roleplay.)


This is the mapping forum.

Roleplay Wunderland is at the very bottom.

Again, I can not agree more.