UV map problem with ninjaripper on Bad Company 2

So I tried to use ninja on bad comp 2, but the UV maps of the models I was trying to rip were not working properly:

Anyone know how to fix this?

The auto setting almost never gets good UVs, especially on newer or AAA games. Switch it to manual and just keep increasing the numbers sets one by one until you find the correct pair.

Thanks, but I have very little experience in dealing with the UV editor. How exactly do I perform those steps?

The initial values for the UVs are 6 and 7. If those don’t work, set it to 7 and 8 and import.
If that doesn’t work, set it to 8 and 9 and import.
If that doesn’t work, set it to 9 and 10 and import.
If that doesn’t work, set it to 10 and 11 and import.

It’s tedious but it’s the only way. I’d advise actually checking the UVs intsead of just looking at the texture placement, since sometimes it may get the correct UVs but upside down or shrunk.

So this is something that must be done WHILE importing the .rip files am I correct?

For Bad Company 2, try u=3, v=4; or u=4, v=5
That was advised by Ripper creator in tutorial.
And yeah, it’s must be applied to all .rips imported

Alright, thanks for your help guys.

Alright, I got a .meshdata converter, but the same UV map problem appears. Is there a way to fix the maps without rip import? Or atleast is there some common format that allows uv edit on import?

Exact same process.

Set UV offset to 0, import and check it.
If it’s bad, set UV offset to 1, import and check it.
If it’s bad, set UV offset to 2, import and check it.
etc, etc.

The “use 32 bit float” checkbox shouldn’t matter for UVs if I remember correctly, only for meshes.

And don’t get discouraged. I remember I sat through and imported and imported, ended up getting to a really enormous offset but I did find the correct UVs.

Yes, but what format should I save it before importing? I did not see any UV options on either the .OBJ or .FBX importers.

Oh, sorry, I thought you got the plugin that allowed you to import .meshdata directly.

I did. But it has no UV map options, it just imports and that’s it.

Are we talking about the same thing here?


That does not look like the one I have. The one I am using just adds .meshdata to the import options.

Well, yeah.


Then when you click it it brings up a select file window with those above options in the bottom left.

Oh nevermind I found it. Mind you I am not accustomed to the blender export windows so it appeared odd to me.
Thanks a lot.

On one last note, I have tried ninjaripper on Medal of Honor 2010’s multiplayer mode, which uses the same engine. Instead of normal models I got the gun models in the shape of the UV map. Yeah.

This happened to any of you guys too?

That’s bizarre. Try switching the UV numbers with the Position numbers.

Alright, that seems to have worked, thanks.