uv mapping in blender?

Ok i made the model and textured it in XSI. but i imported it to blender cause when i uv map in xsi it gets messed up cause its the demo. and i don’t know how to uvmap i looked at alot of tutorials. and none of them help. it seams i dont have some of the buttons there useing. probably cause i have an updated version of blender. does anyone have a link to a tutorial that might work? thanks for your time.

if that didnt make sence for any reason. in short. how do i get the tga with all the textures on it.


In “UV/Image Editor” screen click “UVs”>“Scripts”>“Save UV Face Layout”. Then select setting of your choice.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. i couldent find any tutorials

Also make sure you’re in Edit mode. Press “TAB” to do this, that is if you don’t know how already.

huh. i tried opening up the tga. and i always get the wireframe top view. and no texture colors. is that normal. cause in xsi its usualy all the textures in one pick. is blender diffrent. or im i doing something wrong