UV mapping issues on A Link Between Worlds Link model rip

Download the hand-put-together-from-converted-data OBJ file here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ge17qu7xa1a6e1t/LinkDemoOBJ.zip

The only face groups that have perfect UV as-is are “group1,” “group5,” “group7,” “group9,” and “group10.” Those are the eyebrows, eyes, open hands, fists, and sheath.

The textures are .bmp because they were originally exported as .png, but the viewer I examined the model with only likes .jpg or .bmp. Here’s all of the original .png exports, though: http://www.mediafire.com/download/q2h39dpj79716ow/LinkDemo_textures.zip

The OBJ file download only has 9 textures because there are 9 materials, but there’s 40 textures in all (second download) because of variants.

I would like someone to fix the UV mapping issues on Link, which looks to be a matter of mirroring, and export the fixed version again as COLLADA, if you would. For reference:


And this is what the ripped model looks like:

Hands and fists overlap and the sword from the game screenshot isn’t part of the model. No transparency on the eyebrows due to .bmp, as mentioned above, but you can swap out the bitmaps for the PNGs if you want.

Blame Nintendo for optimizing their models like that. But anyway, hope you don’t mind the gratuitous texture mirroring:

I’ve included the updated OBJ as well in case you can’t import the DAE I exported.

Wow. Thanks.