UV Scaling

How can I edit a UV and scale it in Blender? I exported a model but the uvs are to big also if I posted in the wrong thread just tell me

Also can someone convert a .ma file to obj (bones)

The .OBJ format doesn’t retain bone information, so I don’t exactly see what you’re wanting the .OBJ format for if you’re wanting the bones included.

Ok but could u convert it to like fbx or smd (can’t post it yet)

I could, but I’m too busy to do so at this time. I mainly just left the previous post to inform you about the .OBJ format’s lack of bone support. However, it shouldn’t be too difficult to convert the format on your own if you have the right program(s) to do so.

So I have A Zelda model from spirit tracks but the uv it messed up. I can’t post the ms file or model until the weekend for reasons and if you want to help with the model ask me and I’ll pm or you can pm me
I don’t want people saying they ripped it so that’s why I’m not making it public