UV Unwrapping

Is there some magical way of making this easier? I understand the concept, I just can’t process the concept in my head and properly visualize it. I can’t find a pretty way of unwrapping this sword I made.

http://puu.sh/gK4i7/6687789057.png[/t] [t]http://puu.sh/gK4qO/999deeed0d.png[/t]

Did I make mistakes in the way I made the model? I use extrude a lot. I created this from a cube. Parts like this make me think I did something wrong, either that or I’m just bound to run into asymmetry.


If the first picture is unwrapped, then it looks like you’ve successfully unwrapped it. Is that first picture in the UV editor or whatever?

Yeah the first picture is unwrapped and from the UV/image Editor in blender. I can successfully unwrap, but I don’t know how to make it prettier or more uniform.

Take this texture for example. It’s a pretty sword which UV’s were split into 8 pieces:

I feel like my sword, lacking in shape as much as it is, should have some way of having the UV’s split into less pieces. Is this the wrong way of thinking about it?

To be perfectly honest, it’s whatever you think will be easier for you to texture. As far as I can tell, your UV looks fine. Go ahead and texture it!

I subdivide the model and then was able to get a perfect edge loop all around it. Thanks for your advice too. I feel like now I’m wasting space in my texture though! Also what kind of image editing software do you use? Right now I use Paint.NET which is not cutting it.


I like to use Photoshop CS6, though that’s probably the most generic answer possible. At least nab the free trail.

They could also use GIMP or Photoshop CS2 if they don’t want to use a trial copy. Photoshop CS2 should still be available for free on Adobe’s website, so that’s always an option as well.

I would recommend GIMP , i’ve used paint.net for quiet a long while but it didn’t do the job for me , GIMP is like an extracted version of Photoshop , Well that’s atleast how i see it