UV Wrap Request: SCP-173

So, before you guys freak out and go “Oh God what is that thing?”

It’s from the SCP Wiki (scp-wiki.net) and it’s named SCP-173. I need this to be UV Wrapped for a map I’m working on. There’s no modelling required other than the UV Wrapping so I figure it might not be as tough a job as some other requests.

That being said, here are some pictures to give you an idea of what it looks like:





And here’s the textures I need you guys to wrap for me (the head was a separate, I’m not sure if it will be needed but I will upload it just in case):

Hopefully this can be done as quickly as possible, thanks ahead of time if you take the time to do this and I’ll be sure to accredit you for the skinning of this model. Speaking of which, no I didn’t make this model it came with the SCP-Containment Breach game. This is a 3ds model if it matters at all by the way.


Just a quick thought, wouldn’t you be able to use the model from the Toybox already?


Anyways, here.

(I compared the two, this model is MUCH nicer than the Toybox one.)

Thanks a lot. Really means a lot you took the time to do this. I’ll be sure to accredit you for the work you’ve done.

Also, you can thank the SCP-Containment Breach team for their awesome model.

Just so people can see Kabs work:

Thank again!

Hey; what program are you using to edit this? I really want this in a textured VRML file so I can possibly make a little 3d model of this for myself. xD

Next time, send them a PM instead of bumping a dead thread.