UVW snapping?

Is there a way to snap the verticies in the UVW editor in max to the blue UVW grid? I need to get this grid texture to align perfectly on this model.

3dsmax, right? There’s a little option in the bottom right of the UVW editor.

It doesn’t work


Are you moving with the move tool or the transform tool? Are you moving multiple verts at once?

I had to break the faces so they didn’t warp other faces around them, so I’m only moving the verts for the specific face. I tried both the move and transform tool and both don’t lock onto the grid


Check out that plugin that Red was talking about in that other thread.

:downs: Because I know who Red is and where that other thread is.

I have MAX 7, not max 9. And that’s for texturing, not vertex snapping.

Red Katana and this thread: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=786662