V.I.P jobs

how do i make v.i.p jobs for darkrp or other known as the level of respected

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So only respected people can use the class or higher

  • i am using assmod

And this is why sub fourms at the top of the page was so much better

“Respected” is built into ASSMOD it isn’t actually a darkRp/Gmod Admin level so you would have to do something to ASSMOD and darkrp to make a “respected” job, on my old server me and my admins tried for ages to do it and we found no possible way, maybe it’s because im shit at LUA but i know the people who where helping me wern’t i would consult an admin/owner of a popular Darkrp server with this function and ask him on how he/she did it or just to point you in the right direction.

player:IsRespected() would be the function to check if they are respected on assmod

I highly doubt he would know what to do with that anyway…

look in player.lua under meta:ChangeAllowed or something similar

It’s funny how many times questions like these are asked.

They got old a long time ago…