[v2]Creating a DarkRP server. The Complete Guide. Now compatible with steampipe.

So I’ve noticed the old guide doesn’t work anymore.
Before I get started I will state that a lot of this is derived from (or even right out copied from) the “dedicated Server Setup” page on the Garry’s Mod Wiki and adamje42’s original post.

1: Install steamcmd.

Download from:

Extract it to a the folder “C:\srcds”. The reason you do this is because when troubleshooting or following any other tutorials this is the folder that will be referred to. So this is to prevent further confusion.

Now double click it and wait for it to pop up something like

2: Install Garry’s Mod Files

First we need to login to steam to download the game. So just type in at the prompt

Then type:

This will download all the Garry’s Mod files. This will take a while but it does show the percentage.

3: Install Counter-Strike: Source Files


Once again this will show a percentage. Wait till it is done, then open Windows Explorer.

Find mount.cfg in your C:\srcds\steamapps\common\GarrysModDS\garrysmod\cfg\ directory
Make sure it looks like the following:

 	"cstrike"	"C:\srcds\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source Dedicated Server\cstrike"

4 (OPTIONAL): Install Half-Life: Episode 2 and/or Portal Files

For these, you’ll need to own the respective game to download the content.
Open up steamcmd and type in the following:

Replace xx with the number:

Then add it to mount.cfg the same way counter-strike was added
5: Installing the latest version of DarkRP

If you haven’t already you can close the CMD window now.
Now go to

and click “download ZIP file”
Extract the DarkRP-master folder to the “C:\srcds\steamapps\common\GarrysModDS\garrysmod\gamemodes” folder

6: Editing server.cfg

Now open “C:\srcds\steamapps\common\GarrysModDS\garrysmod\gamemodes\cfg\server.cfg” file with notepad. Enter the following:

hostname           "XXXXXXXXXX"
sv_defaultgamemode "DarkRP"
rcon_password      "XXXXXXXXXX"
sbox_noclip        "0"
sbox_godmode       "0"
sbox_plpldamage    "0"
rp_toolgun         "1"
sbox_maxprops      "1000"
sbox_maxragdolls   "0"
sbox_maxeffects    "0"
sbox_maxdynamite   "0"
sbox_maxlamps      "0"
sbox_maxthrusters  "0"
sbox_maxwheels     "4"
sbox_maxhoverballs "0"
sbox_maxvehicles   "0"
sbox_maxbuttons    "20"
sbox_maxemitters   "0"
sbox_maxspawners   "0"
sbox_maxturrets    "0"

Change the “XXXXXXXXXX” values to something of your choosing. They represent the server name and console password, respectively. You can change the “sbox” values according to your liking.

7: Creating a Shortcut
Almost done, now we need to create the shortcut to launch the server. Open notepad and type the following:

@echo off
cd C:\srcds
steamcmd +login anonymous +app_update 4020 validate +app_update 232330 +quitapp
C:\srcds\steamapps\common\GarrysModDS\srcds -console -game garrysmod +map xxxxxx +maxplayers xxxxxxx +gamemode darkrp

Now click File>Save As… and save it as start.bat on your desktop. IMPORTANT! Make sure “All file types” is in the dropdown box under the filename!
Replace the X’s with your desired mapname and slot count, respectively. I’ll assume you know how to put a map in the maps folder. For the map name do NOT include the file extension (.bsp).
8: Making yourself admin**
Okay, so you’re setting up the server, so you want to be admin. Edit the file “C:\srcds\steamapps\GarrysModDS\garrysmod\setttings\users.txt” And replace garry with your username and replace STEAM_0:1:7099 With your 64-bit steam id.
To find your steam id, go to

and type your profile url in. Copy paste it and it should look something like this:

	// This is your users file
	// You can use this file to add people as admins on your server
	// Add them to the relevant section
	// If you're a Lua coder you can add your own sections and use them
	// in your script by doing pl:IsUserGroup( "admin" ) etc

		"xslouis"			"STEAM_0:1:45193940"
		//"garry"			"STEAM_0:1:7099"


9: Allow others to join

Click this link:

Find your router model and follow the instructions there. You will need to find out what your local IP address is. To do this open up the CMD window again and type “ipconfig”.
You need to forward

10: You’re done!

You’re done with the basics of setting up a DarkRP server! Add on other addons as you see fit.

Well essentially it’s the exact same thing except you swap hldsupdate out for steamCMD.

Yes, it was needed. HLDSUpdatetool is outdated and will not work with the newest releases. I also replaced SVN with Git and showed how to make yourself superadmin.

steamCMD server set up is already well documented on the garry’s mod wiki here:

furthermore the very easy command to adding yourself as admin (With Rcon) is:

fadmin setaccess username superadmin


ulx adduser username superadmin

Good effort, I just don’t think it was all that neccecary as everything’s already well documented and if you’re stuck all you need to do is google it.

Those aren’t the only admin mods. The way he showed you was the proper way to change a user’s group.

Your forgetting Step 11. Spam “donate to the server to get xxx” and getting a freebie website.

I don’t think we need a guide telling us how to set up DarkRP servers. Now we’ll get even younger kids starting communities and making money off of more kids younger than the kids that host.

I know, but they are the most popular and the most supported admin mods currently, I wasn’t saying his answer was wrong I was simply adding to it, in case anyone unfamiliar with the admin commands wants to make someone else an admin using the console, you don’t want them having to use the users.txt to put each and every admin…

Thanks for spending the time to make this tutorial. Now watch everyone ignore it and post “how do imake darkrp server” threads anyways

sv_defaultgamemode works? Just gamemode “darkrp” did the job for me.

sv_defaultgamemode was removed.