V2 rocket (explosive)

Hey, just made my explosive. V2 rocket.
It takes 1 shot into it to explode so watch out.







uhh… the v2 was german.

but soviet union used it in past as well.

Make a german version aswell.


Like the one from MoH:AA


I just nostalgia’d so fucking hard. I wish people still played that.

Too true.

Oh, yes, Allied Assault. Was the game that got me into games.

Wolf, you just HAD to post that fucking MOH:AA screen to make nostalgia blow my head up. Thanks a lot, now I have to clean up my room.

Thats so odd because I played a map that looked exactly like that in Call of Duty.

Is it contact-sensitive as well?

MoH:AA got me into games too,I loved it so much,I wish I still had it and there were as many players as back then.
Looks good BTW

MoH:AA - Spearhead has a lot of players playing, everyone pretty much has concentrated on that particular expansion pack.

I tried re-skinning it, any better?
2 of the side panels are screwed up which can be fixed in hammer


It’s as contact sensitive as a HL2 flammable barrel.