V6 Engine Powered Minican-non - PURE HORSE POWER


Oh yeah, look at that nasty little motherfucker. Who wants miniguns when you can have bloody miniguns that shoot CANS?
Much like the Melonium .357, the viewmodel and world model are entirely scripted, as well as a part of the animations.

I decided to release an early version of it, because I’m starting to be kinda late for the Fretta contest, and I should hurry up on Bomberminge if I want to submit it in time.
The final product will feature two special types of can ammunition, the first one being rocket propelled cans that go straight forward and penetrate walls and enemies. What you currently have right now only shoot regular cans, but that’s fun enough. There’s a difference between a weapon that shoots cans, and a weapon that allows you to go vroom vroom while holding a huge gun with spinning barrels and shooting custom tooled cans at 600 cans per minute (and doesn’t cost $400,000 to fire for 12 seconds).

The cans are automatically cleaned up, and actually, they aren’t even physically simulated so it should be about as expensive as the Medic’s syringe gun.

It works exactly like Sasha, left click to spin up and fire, right click to spin up without firing. I have yet to implement those special ammo types and speed reduction while spun up. Will do it once the Fretta contest is out of the way, in the meantime, have fun! :v:

Video: (although most of those who tried my Melonium have probably seen it already)



If you know how to use the console and want to toy with the WIP yellow cans, then enter this in the console while holding the minican-non:

lua_run player.GetByID(1):GetActiveWeapon():AddBulletsToSequence(2, 100)

Note that those are unfinished and very glitchy, which is mostly why I didn’t “officially” made them available.

You finally got it canned and released :v:

Brilliant. :neckbeard:

I don’t exactly love the v_model but it’s a funny swep

Looks great.

Was that a pun?

It can be.

Can it.

Awesome SWep, nice work as usual, _Kilburn. (I AM THE HEAVY WEAPONS GUY…AND THIS… IS MY WEAPON.)


I love this thing so much.

Can em and bag em!

Can this be more awesome?

Can the references already.

i liked the part when you slipped on a can.

Well I’ll be damned, you actually got around FINISHING it.
Good job _Kilburn, wheres your second newspost :v:


Still waiting for those “Dr Pepper” Cans though…

Nice job, I remember testing it. I hope you finish bomberminge soon and get back to this :v:

Absolutely amazing.

Did you fix the part that it was colliding with triggers?
Because that really pissed me off when I was wandering around killing hordes of combine, and they ran to cover inside triggers.


Because I have met someone that can outsmart Can.

Can this be on gmod.com?

I can’t believe how late I am with this joke!