V8 Sprint Boat

it goes fucking fast(Real ones do 0-75mph in 2.5 seconds and pull 5-8G while turning)

and it is fucking FUN

winston made teh seats

That is fucking awesome dude.
You build a lot with winston.

oh also it has wheels on it that float to negate water drag

works well

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yeah, with this boat though i told winston “give me your fucking race seats” and then i whapped my penis on the boat’s interior and bang some seats were welded

A boat cant turn if it doesn’t move :|. Unless it uses a turning engine instead of a rudder :d It looks great tho

and there is the fuck that does not give a single speedboat

dont you mean speedfuck that givent does a single boat

“it’s made by karbine you know the karbine always make good stuff”

I’ve noticed karbine’s latest vehicles seem to be rather stingy with their fucks…they won’t give them… :iiam:

Now you just need to drop Winston’s V8 in it :buddy:

Also I want that map.

That would be so much more fun if it could break into pieces. Steering goes fucked up, you crash and then your boat is pretty much the same, fucked up.

Something that give no fucks cannot be fucked up. As says it in the elder writings of Enginualand.

dem peeplz thinkin’ it’s engine powered

korbein told me it’s all AF :v:

it is

it also rides on wheels


make a video of it driving on land

it just rolls on land, all of the AF is shut off once its out of water

It’s pretty and it seems to drive well. The only thing i could complain about is that it seems to turn way to fast for a boat driving at those speeds.

heh you should see the real ones, they pull 6G turns at 80 miles an hour

post the video you sent me in OP so people see what they’re like irl

Damn you, I wanted to race you in my little skiff thing in your video >:|