V_hands.SMD??? cant find it.

Where is the V_hands.SMD located? Me and Trooper have searched every where for it to rig our AA-12. I have Googled it, and found nothing.

De-compile the v_hands.mdl.

Well, I can’t find a de-compiler either =/

Here: http://chaosincarnate.net/cannonfodder/cftools.htm

Thanks :smiley:

Where do I even find v_hand.mdl? :raise:

No problem.

And KnightHawk, use GCFScape to extract it out of the “source 2007 shared models.gcf”.

When you open the GCF you will find it in “hl2/models/weapons/”

It just crashes… :3:

You’re welcome. If you guys need anymore help, just ask.

Knowledge is King! (quotation from GTA III)

It just crashes, and doesn’t give an error.

What exactly crashes? GCFScape? You need to exit Steam before using it. Sorry, I should have mentioned that before.

Not really, just tick Volatile Access, it’s in one of the menu bars somewhere.

I never crash =/

V_hands is also in the yourname/SourceSDK_content/hl2/modelsrc/v_hands folder as a .smd along with a .qc

how come when i extract it, it has black and purple checkers? i cant figure out what to hex to fix that problem

It’s because the model can’t find the VTF.

Exactly, you’ll also find all weapons from HL2 and it’s source, so you won’t have to decompile them all the time.

But, you’ll need to have Source SDK installed.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

ok i found the vtf and fixed that, thanks