v_model compiling help

[sorry if i have put this thread in the wrong place]

so ive made my own v_model, everything is done correctly(as far as i know)

when i go into Gmod and get out my AR2 (what ive been trying to replace) and nothing appears

in GUIstudioMDl what do i set the engine and target mods to??

What most likely happend (I’ve experianced it myself) is that your view model is too high positioned. I belive you can fix it with the $origin qc string, but I perfer just moving the bones and mesh down.
Also if you want to add a game to GUIStudioMDL you can do that by adding it to source SDK. There is a tutorial on that on garrysmod wiki:

I belive I used a different one, but this one should do the trick.

thanks for answering.

i dont know if its too high, i actully beleive it may be.

when i was animating the .smd files in 3ds max they was under the floor (below the grid thing)

am i doing ssomething wrong.

what is the $origin string Dakarun

please explain it.

Try loading your model in HLMV (Half Life model viewer) go to options and select “Viewmodel mode”. Nothing should appear, zoom out with right-mouse button and see if it’s too high or low or perhaps incorrectly rotated.

For $origin, you can find info about it here.

thank man, my model is right it just aint facing the right way. my problem isnt fixed
when i look in the HLMV and go into viewmodel mode the gun is facing around 90 degrees to the right of view.

what should i do now Dakarun

At the end of each $sequence line on your .qc do either rotate 90 or rotate -90


$sequence idle01 "idle01" loop ACT_VM_IDLE 1 fps 30.00 rotate -90

ok il do that, thanks for helping :smiley:


oh no.

i meant it was 90 degrees to the left. so instead of rotate-90 i did rotate 90.

that has worked but when i go into model viewer my view is ontop of the AR2’s shield thing.

how can i put it right Dakarun

Wait a sec, if you want to replace the ar2, then why is the ar2 still there?


i just wanna replace its animations

but ive put two hands holding the AR2 so i think it may count as a differant model so yes, i want to replace AR2

If all you do is add animations, then it shouldn’t count as a different model ofcourse. Could you post a screenshot of the problem?

this is it through what will be the players eyes

when i scroll down i see the gun is below my view

what should i do, the gun is to back and low

Well you could try messing around with $origin, though I’m not sure if it would help since I never used it. That is actually pretty much your only option since otherwhys you’d have to move the reference and all animations…

damn, well thanks for helping. i guess il try messing with the origin.

do you know what the defualt origin is???

like if you view a model do you know what its origin is.

No idea, my guess is 0 0 0, but as I said before, I never used it. Besides redoing the animation wouldn’t be too bad, you learn alot and keep getting better. I personally enjoy doing animation. If you’re creating a viewmodel here are some tips:

When you start out with the reference/idle, what you should do is first postion the mesh how you think it should be, export the reference and idle, if it isn’t right yet, all you have to do is manipulate the idle. Once you get the result you wanted, start animating fire, reload and more if you desire to.

wait that gives me an idea.

i should go into 3ds max and re-export the referance. maybe that will tell the game where the smd’s are positioned in 3ds max :smiley:

Re-exporting the reference won’t fix it, since the animations are all on in the other position. The position in the end, gets defined by the animations.

ok thanks.

i did it but now ive messed it up :confused:

when ever i go into HL2MV and refresh it when i change the origin , nothing happens

it worked like this a while ago

thank you so much, its worked