V_model with two different weapon models.

Hello facepunchers!

I made a 2x4 SWEP yesterday, and someone has presented the idea to me, of having the 2x4 break after a few hits, and then turn into a somewhat fractured 2x4 model, and then stay that model.

here is the swep.

Not sure if anyone has done anything like this, Would it just be an edit to the .LUA or will it require a new compile of the current 2x4. or will it require a new compile of the swep with the fractured model, and then use the lua to change it to that swep after a few hits?

never tried this, so any help is appreciated!


You could use bodygroups. Don’t know how to translate that into lua though.

self:SetBodygroup( number bodygroup, number value )

kill me if I broke syntax

from http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Entity/SetBodygroup