v_models and w_models help

Hey guys!

I was wondering what do you replace w_model if there isn’t any w_model for the weapon like the line of code: SWEP:WorldModel = Model(“w_whatever.mdl”) but when I drop the weapon in sandbox there is no error?

Please Help!
Greatly appreciated


What weapon is it? If you have the v_ model named correctly, the w_ model will be in the same path and have the same name…

Well I have downloaded some weapon packs to code for my ttt server but how would I replace that line of code… who it be the same as v_model?


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well its a weapon pack that I want to code for my TTT server. what would I replace that line of code if the weapons did not come with a w_model?


Still haven’t told me what weapon in particular. Some weapon packs only come as props which aren’t usable as weapons unless you position them manually in first person and third person.

If it’s a higher quality v_ model of one that exists, you could use a standard w_ model instead.

Link the weapon packs?