v_models does not appear?

It only occurs with some v_models, but i found a SA80 and i wanted to put it into a swep, but when im playing the v_models dosent appear neither does the w_models, any one have any solutions to this problem?

Have you started coding the SWEP? Then it could be a problem with the code.

Does it have animations?
Is it a .MDL file?
Do you have the correct lining in?

SWEP.ViewModel			= "models/weapons/v_pist_deagle.mdl"    -- This determins what the weapon's VIEW MODEL (the thing you see on YOUR screen) will be. Find the view model in your models folder.
SWEP.WorldModel			= "models/weapons/w_pist_deagle.mdl"    -- This determins what your weapon's WORLD MODEL (the thing other people see) will be.


If you want to use a custom model, the file path in = “models/weapons/[model].mdl” then in the folder setup you need to:
Inside the main weapons folder (E.G: Pistol) make a folder called Models. Inside that create one called weapons. THAT is where you should put the model(s).

Put the V_ and W_ models there and try again.